We do what we do best: Financial Lines

Haefeli & Schroeder Financial Lines AG is your independent specialist company for Financial Lines insurance brokerage and related services.

Our business model:

  • Clear focus and specialization on Financial Lines based on many years of experience and sound expertise
  • Segment-specific advisory designed to match the size and degree of complexity of the risk
  • Maximum effectiveness of the client’s insurance budget and maximum efficiency in achieving risk management objectives

We know the insurance markets we operate in – we combine our insights, experience and network in Financial Lines to create tailor-made solutions for your benefit and according to your needs.

We look into the client’s exposure – Our work is driven not by sales but by risk management goals. We are committed to the further development of Financial Lines – our aim is to negotiate market-leading insurance concepts for all customer segments.

Our values:

  1. Independence:
    We are independent, neutral and objective.
  2. Customer interest:
    We are on your side and fight for your interests.
  3. Seniority:
    You are serviced by the senior partners.
  4. Best Advice:
    The customer deserves the best available insurance cover. We look for individual solutions that are appropriate to the respective risk situation.
  5. Transparency:
    We want to maintain honest business partnerships and an open dialogue.
  6. Sustainability:
    We want to elaborate fair solutions that are designed to last in the long term
  7. Expertise:
    We see ourselves as active influencers – it is our responsibility to further develop the Financial Lines market; we closely monitor developments in more mature markets such as the USA or England.